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Maupassant was the son of a capitalist and his father divorced his mother when he was dissatisfied with his mother. He has since followed his mother. As if he had inherited the cricket gene, he has shown extremely high literary talent since childhood, and even his mother was shocked that his life was never short of difficulties. The first is the issue of work and living expenses. Later, with the help of others, he was transferred to a high-paying job. But even this is still difficult to pay for his romantic life. When entering and leaving the brothel on the river, the leader of the second-class Feng Ya is his role. Compared to such people, in China is definitely a writer to be blocked. His actions are incongruous with our Eastern values. But that is indeed the source of his creation. The status of prostitutes as inferiors, through their perspective, can see the dirty side of this society. In the Song Dynasty, Liu Yong, who is similar to him, went in and out of the song building, but here he teaches you to be corrupt, extravagant and extravagant. The two performed very well, making good use of this place in the world's shame, and exerting their literary talent. Although he was unfortunately infected with the disease later, but these could not stop his literary path, he always stood stubbornly and stubbornly faced all the ordeal. He should be extremely happy himself. His literary dream was not only supported by his mother, but also helped by many friends. Especially the nobleman Flaubert cared for him in every possible way. It makes me doubt whether Maupassant is his illegitimate son, his character and literary endowment are like him. Whenever Maupassant encounters difficulties, the first person to think of it must be Flaubert. Of course, Flaubert also tried his best to ask for help. I don't think this can be explained by ordinary relationships. But Flaubert did give him all. No wonder he was so distraught after Flaubert's death. The closest person left him, and even if he was a master of Dan Qing, he knew that he was impermanent, but he still couldn't restrain his tears. In contrast, his attitude towards women is mostly praise and sympathy. You can get a glimpse from "Pretty Friends". He portrayed the face of that beautiful man. He played with women and relied on them to cheat high-ranking officials, and then to the rich man's daughter Cigarettes Online. But the Phoenix man is difficult to do, and he and Fang Hongjian ended as bleakly. His attitude towards women must be inseparable from his living environment Marlboro Red. He often wandered between prostitutes and women. He was already used to looking for joy, picking flowers and seeding one of his male protagonists to perform a legend Newport Cigarettes. I couldn't help but think of a Duan Zhengchun who also played a "Ten Dragons" Well! Legends have their own advantages and disadvantages. All I can do is secretly think about it.
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